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Is 2 Chainz On Crack Means

Is 2 Chainz On Crack Means


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Retrieved October 6, 2012^ Win or Die (track listing)^ Peak chart positions for singles in the United Kingdom: "Mercy": "Kanye West" (select "Singles" tab)Retrieved December 12, 2012Recording Industry Association of America^ "American single certifications B.o.B HeadBand"^ "Let It Go (feat2 Chainz Get Money"


Cheri Media GroupClick the video to start it THIS TRACK Videos bio COMMENTS Lyrics meaning Crack 0:00 / 4:32 2 Chainz Track 1 Source: 2 Chainz - Crack (Explicit) Leave us feedback No Videos Found More Videos Crackby 2 ChainzHey Jack, start that beat from the ti'nop, yeah Based on a TRU Story, uh [Chorus] Started from the trap now I rap (yeah) No matter where I'm at I got crack (crack) Started from the trap, now I rap (tell 'em) No matter where I'm at, I got crack I got cr'nack, yeah, I got cr'nack Got that cr'nack, yeah I got cr'nack Started from the trap, now I rap No matter where I'm at, I got crack Standing on them blocks, selling hi'nard I be going dumb, I be going retard Get no regard for no br'noad Peel'noff my car, bitch I'm from Collipi'nark Southside, outside, and I'm ridin' round, I get it And I look around, they took my style Like mothafucka you trippin' Let me slow it down 'fore I get a ticket Nigga want a verse from me, it's gon' cost a chicken Rev your mirror, shake it like a stipper ho! Car so big it got a stripper pole I'm balling, ballin like a give and g'no All I talk is crack, I can get the Ricoh [Chorus] Shawty got some real good P'nuss If that shit stink, then she need to di'nush No I'm not a killer but no p'nush Get fucked, get slugged, bet you won't even get up This us, 2 guns in my Adidas I'm from the A, you a C+ You niggas can't even see us Ear muffs from Neimans, Marcus I'm like come on let's start this Keep it real my deparment Versace my garment, yeah I don't give a fi'nuck I don't give a fi'nuck Make her suck my di'nick, till that bitch hiccup And when she call my phi'none, I won't even pick up [Chorus] Thousand eight grams in my b'nag I be making jewels, work be moving f'nast And you need to mind your fucking bi'naz Get cash, get fat this will pay for tonight New car, you are not me forget it! I got more hoes than four hoes I had a foursome for Christmas! Let me turn it down my baby mama listening Extra garlic butter I got benihana issues Trigga finger itchin' like it's poison ivy Going so hard Viagra trying to sign me I might get an endorsement from baking soda Catch me cooking crack trying to make a Rollie! [Chorus] Crack All I talk is crack, I can get the Ricoh!Lyrics Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.Written by: JOSHUA LUELLEN, TAUHEED EPPSLyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind Watch artist interviews here^ "T.R.U^ Lilah, Rose (January 27, 2015)Retrieved December 23, 2012Yet, even though theyre partying hard, theyre still thinking about business and socio-economic issues^ Kellman, AndyCorporate Thugz EntertainmentUnsubscribe from TMZ? Cancel Unsubscribe Working


Retrieved February 13, 2013^ Frydenlund, Zach (January 7, 2013)Is 2 Chainz 'Holdin' Crack? 2 Chainz Crack Mp3 Download - - Free Applezobbel.deAdd to Board Add ← Close Add Board Public Delete Board ← Cancel Error You've reached the daily limit of 10 videosTop definition2 ChainzunknownSome crappy rapper from Georgia, trying to make it big - by riding Drake and Lil Wayne nutz.2pac without a nose ring - STFURecording Industry Association of America

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